“I don’t know what makes someone an artist. I know that I feel renewed when I create something.   I know that I find myself in it, that I am at my best when I don’t neglect it.”



Jacqualynn works in multiple mediums and platforms ranging from small pieces of pen & ink on paper to large scale sculptural installations of wood and larger-than-life painted murals.  Her work has been described as powerfully feminine and haunting, always with a sense of the unfinished.

In her work as a teaching artist, she is dedicated to connecting every student, regardless of age or experience, with the human instinct of making art.  She has worked with children, at-risk youth, teens, adults and seniors both as an independent artist and through programs and organizations such as Appel Farm Art & Music Center.  Jacqualynn has experience in leading students through informal artistic experiences, instructing children of all ages in both short workshops and longterm programs, organizing and leading large groups through community art projects/installations and applying the principles of art therapy in both group and private lessons.

A native of South Jersey, Jacqualynn works out of her studio near downtown Woodbury, NJ and focuses most of her work in the Philadelphia region while servicing clients worldwide.  She is a graduate of Boston University, a dedicated local volunteer and arts advocate in her community and co-founder of the FAF Coalition.