And So Eye Begin

Truth be told, it took three cups to get me going this morning. Getting up an hour earlier than usual after a restless night of sleep with a restless two year old requires three cups especially for soul searching and drumming up of youthful rituals. So that’s three cups, three-ish sugars each adding up to one seriously sugared up me and a pretty good idea of where to begin.
I can’t think of anything more fitting than to start with the eye. For as long as I can remember, I’ve drawn eyes. I don’t think it’s a particularly unique subject to draw. You take some art classes, you like to doodle, eventually you sketch an eye. What’s unique is the quantity. Drawing an eye was my most accurate barometer for creativity. I could always tell how much right brain I was accessing depending on how cool the eye turned out. I drew them everywhere. They covered my brown bag textbook covers in high school. There were eyes in the margins of my notebooks. I painted them on walls, on my college storage trunk, etc. I still find eyes amongst old notebooks and random bills.

No matter how many times I draw eyes, they never come out the same. Working from a live subject is a treat but most of the time it’s just whatever shape the eye takes from my memory or idea of what an eye looks like. Sometimes they’re not very good at all to be honest. On those days, I just stick to paying bills and running errands but this daily exercise is not so forgiving so hopefully it’s a good right brain day.
I found some paper left over from an old project that I’ve decided to use for this August series. I unfortunately cannot find my favorite pen so I’ve sharpened my pencil for this one and off I go. I’ll try to set the scene for you every morning so you have a good idea of how the image came about. I’ve decided to start this adventure with a fresh perspective so I’ve chosen a spot on my favorite bench in the garden. Ok, it’s the only bench in the garden but it is my favorite and it overlooks the lake with a great little antique bistro table and the light is perfect. This time of the morning is pretty quiet here but I rarely work without some kind of music. This morning, I’ve decided to start with some Sarah Mclachlan with some Lilith Fair flavor for old times sake.
To be true to form, I’ve set aside about thirty minutes for this exercise. I remember being timed in college classes and I always found it frustrating but the work was always the most raw and honest when I didn’t have time to second guess it.
I’ll be sure to include a picture of the final piece when I’m done here which will link to the item in my etsy shop. You can find more images and details there. Thanks for reading and as always, I look forward to hearing from you.
For more images and more details on this sketch, give a click to here to see my Etsy shop.

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