Hello me. Long time no see.

So once upon a time I was an artist or at least I thought that I could have been or people told me I was or something like that.
I don’t know what constitutes art. I don’t know what makes someone an artist. I know that I feel renewed when I create something. I know that I find myself in it, that I am at my best when I don’t neglect it.
So, I embark on a ritual perhaps more for myself than for anyone, to create a sketch, one sketch, every morning for an entire month. In college, which was ages ago, I’d start each day this way and I could almost tell how good of a day I was going have based on how the sketch would turn out – great detail in the shadow of the eyelid equalled a better chosen outfit which equalled a more assured step out the door and we were off to the races.
I lost that somewhere. Actually, it just got more difficult to cultivate so there have been waves of it in years past. Having my daughter, my first child, brought it back like a flood. She has been like a rebirth of sorts but it’s not without cultivation. And so again, I look to renew.
Every morning for the month of August, I will get up bright and early before the day has asked too much of me. Two sugars and cream, maybe three sugars with a perfectly chosen pen and I’ll begin – nothing designed or contrived. Whatever comes to me, I’ll put it to paper.
At the end of each session, I’ll post the sketch in my Etsy shop and post in the blog to jot down my thoughts. I would love your feedback and some company for the month. Thanks for reading.

7 thoughts on “Hello me. Long time no see.

  1. I love this idea, I will be attending graphic design school this fall and may incorporate something like this in my everyday life just to keep me on track…

  2. Wow Jackie! I really enjoyed your blog, and even more so, your art. You and your work is truly inspiring! I'm going to pick up my lazy bones now & be inspired!

  3. I love this blog. As an artist (and mother), I think it's a great idea and very inspiring. How did you put this blog together with photos changing and cool visual aspect of it? That's where I am stuck…

  4. Thank you so much. In truth, I spent quite a few years as a graphic designer so I've had some practice at the digital end of this. However, I didn't need much experience. Blogger made it pretty easy once I got the idea in mind. The scrolling pictures are just a photostream from flickr which worked out pretty well without alot of tinkering. Take a look at the gadgets you can add and it might help.

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