Of the Sea

I‘ve just finished up a seashell study for this morning that I’d love to spend another four hours on so that I can get all of the details correct but that’s not how this exercise is designed. I have to be happy with what comes out of me in about thirty minutes which is quite difficult in the study of a seashell. If you ever want a challenge, draw a shell. They have texture and pattern and intricacy near unmatched in nature. They are certainly a challenge for me, especially in thirty minutes and certainly for my second sketch.

That being said, it looks quite lovely. I’ve made it an unconscious habit of picking up shells wherever we go. They sit on mantels and bookshelves all over the house. In my closet, I have an antique teacup full of shells and coral from my honeymoon. Most of them are from an afternoon Mark and I spent at Trunk Bay in St. John. Isn’t it funny how days of your life pass by without notice but there are certain hours in a place that almost stand still. Trunk Bay was like that for me.
Anyway, there are two shells in the image, one of which is from a beach in St. Thomas and another that I bought in a boardwalk souvenir shop. Truthfully, I’m not sure which is more pretty. I’m sure this won’t be the last of the shells for this series as it is August and there are a few days of summer left to spend down the shore. I always end up carting a handful or two home with me in an empty bucket or the bottom of my overpacked beach tote or rolling around in the back of the car. For now, this is a piece of summer for all of you who voted.
I had the pleasure of drawing this sketch outside once again although everything is a bit wet from a late storm last night. The air is cool and it’s just me and the shells. I picked out some Cat Power this morning. She does a lovely remake of Sea of Love that was perfect for today. That and a bit of Jack Johnson. His stuff always makes me long for the beach.
Talk to you tomorrow and thanks for checking in.
Give a click HERE to get more details on this sketch.

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