Again, I apologize for my absence on the blog but a post in the near future will explain in detail what the last two years have entailed for me, my work and of course my family.  For now, I can tell you that I am the Creative Director for The FAF, which of course begs the question – what is The FAF?  We are an all volunteer committee currently squeezing every last ounce of ourselves into making the largest, most successful arts festival that we can muster.  What was a handful of volunteers last year has turned into dozens – artists, residents, professionals, merchants.  We believe that art can bring people together, that if a community does not embrace culture and heritage and the arts that it will be lost.  The FAF, because of these efforts, has exceeded perhaps even our own expectations.  This September 28t and 29th, my little city of Woodbury, NJ will host an crowd expected to be over 25,000 with nearly 250 artists vending, exhibiting, working live, battling and sharing their work with the public.  My work will be for sale including originals and prints.  Stop by, take a look, breathe in some creative goodness and support the arts.  If it’s not one of my pieces, than buy from one of these other artists.  Invest in art, in handmade, in craftsmanship and get all of your holiday shopping done in one day.  Thanks for your support and I will be in touch.